Saturday, June 5, 2010

About Me

So, I figured it was about time I started posting some of my works. Everything I post is meant to be critiqued. Everything good and bad, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Nothing in this world can ever be perfect, and that especially goes for animation! Please help me improve :)

I am currently attending the Art Institute in Burnaby/Vancouver for Animation. I have been here since October of 2008, and will be finishing this September.

I am from a small town called Invermere B.C., nestled within the Rocky Mountains.


I was inspired to become an animator after watching Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Corpse Bride. I found the animators of those films absolutely fascinating. The possibility of creating life in little puppets like those seen in Burton's films blew my mind. It struck an interest in me, which budded from an interest in stop motion. From there on, I began participating in all drama projects, film projects, and kept at work in the art and creative writing rooms in my high school. I even created a stop motion short for film class.
Ultimately, I decided to become an animator after realizing that my passion lay within acting, film, story and traditional art. I couldn't choose just one form of art. Being able to combine EVERYTHING I love in to one art form just seemed too good to be true. And the fact that I love working with computers definitely helped concrete my decision in becoming a 3D character animator as well. The Art Institute of Vancouver definitely seemed to be a great fit.

I will be posting some works as I progress towards graduating.


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