Saturday, June 19, 2010


This was the first assignment from the beginning of my last quarter- March/April of 2010?

Here's the run down on our assignments. We are given 2 weeks/assignment. The first week is solely 2D planning, including shooting our own reference videos, thumbnail sketching and 2D planning (roughly animated on paper).

The second week is spent on the computer, that is- if our planning works out. If not, we have to tackle redoing our 2D as well as completing an animation on Maya.

This one was supposed to have our robot character experience an obvious change of emotion.
My gag on this one, however, didn't make a whole lot of sense. If I plan on putting this in my demo, I may have to re-think the idea.

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  1. STORY
    So I think the core idea is a little bland the whole no popcorn in the hand thing would never shock anyone because you'd know if the bowl was empty or not with you hand rummaging around inside of the bowl. IF you scare him make sure he has a reason for being scared like if he picked up a mouse then I'd understand. Also make sure you introduce the concept of eating in the first frame I think this will help the audience be able to understand why the character is irritated. Currently He's consumed about what he's watching in an odd demeanor. Try to set him in a first interesting pose and with this pose establish the character is he young/old/poor posture/ good posture/ what ever it is try to capture it

    The first framing is weird because its causing your head to touch the top of the frame and when you render it'll be touching the edge of the screen. Plus you want to see the face because you are acting with it the feet aren't doing shit so why let the audience see them? The orbiting camera is also distracting because I assume that you are introducing something into the negative space which you aren't. What you want is a slow push in at a constant speed. This will build tension and and keep the audience on your character. It will also make your character feel like he's moving even though he may not be psst thats a secret between you and me. Also I sense like you have curves that are just running though and aren't moving with a purpose this is bad and causes drift. If you do want the character to drift a bit make sure there is a reason for it to move in that direction. For example you head it feels like it's floating as opposed to being apart of the robots torso. Think of the rhythm of your movements how fast each one is there seems to be a odd beat cause he starts off slow and works his way to being faster but then slows down before he makes it to the edge of his seat. The excitement should build until the point where he's on the edge of the seat. Then slow down and creep forward in awe. At that point the eye focus is forward and now this is the weirdest point of your animation the hand going around the chin this is unnecessary think of how naturally lazy people are. you that right bring the mouth down and keep the eyes forwards. Overall try to keep up the asymmetry to make poor Robb-e as appealing as possible. Instead of a bowl try a popcorn bag, simple rig give it a spine and it'll waggle a bit where you want it too. Plus then you can act and pose it easily. Oh and a shot like this with all it's intensity build up, put some eye darts to keep him alive.

    Ps... it's ok to scale bones you could do that to make it look like you are squishing the bag.

    PPs... put a fucking lamp or something in the corner. Side table/ hooker leg lamp/ whatever it's a little distracting and possibly the most beautiful shade of green.